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Find More Bass and Use the Right Lures eBook

Find More Bass and Use the Right Lures eBook

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When it comes to figuring out the bass fishing puzzle there are 2 things that hold most anglers back from catching more bass.

  1. Knowing where to find bass
  2. Knowing which lures to use

This downloadable ebook dives into those 2 subjects and gives practical tips and advice to give you a foundation that you can use to be more successful at catching bass.

In this strategy filled ebook we will cover the following topics:

  • Using topographic maps to identify target areas
  • Understanding Structure and Cover to find more bass
  • Where to find bass based on water temperature
  • How fronts and barometric pressure play into the equation
  • The easiest way to select a bass fishing lure
  • What you need to know about lure colors
  • 3 bass fishing rigs you need to know
  • Using search baits to quickly validate a spot
  • Using lures based on seasonal conditions
  • Who doesn't want to catch more bass? 

That's the goal when we head out on the lake but more often than not things don't turn out as expected. I mean we still enjoy our fishing time but it would be great to do more catching!

This material aims to cover the topics that will make the most impact on how productive your fishing can be.

Course will be delivered in PDF format for download.

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